Floral Budget Ranges

We get it, trying to figure out your budget can be overwhelming! Not sure where to start, what you want, what you can afford, etc? To get you started, we've broken down a couple different scenarios and examples. Please know that these are just that, examples, and that floral pricing can change drastically based on your design and labor costs. So use this as a rough starting point! 


$2000 Elopement or micro wedding -  not customized 

•Personals for the couples and small wedding party

•Leis for key people

•Light Ceremony Decor 

$3000 Small wedding
fully customized

(Typically under 100 guests)

Scenario 1

•Personals for yourself and small bridal party

•Light Ceremony decor (minimal arch and petals)

•Medium reception table centerpieces for tables 


Scenario 2 

•Personals for yourself plus larger bridal party (approximately 5 each side)

•Ceremony Arch decor plus aisle entry pieces and petals 

•Minimal/small Centerpieces for tables


$5000 Most popular  
fully customized

(Typically for 100-150 guests)

Scenario 1

•Personals for you and a small wedding party 

•Full ceremony decor of full arch, aisle entry or walkway pieces and aisle petals 

•Light Centerpieces for reception tables 

•Sweetheart table decor  

•Large statement piece for bar and welcome table


Scenario 2

•Personals for you and large bridal party 

•Light ceremony decor of arch decor and aisle petals only 

•Fuller Centerpieces for reception tables

•Large statement piece for bar and welcome table

•Guest leis for close family only 

•Sweetheart table decor 

$10,000+ Full Service 

•Personals for you and wedding party 

•Full Ceremony decor (arch decor and walkway or entry pieces)

•Reception garlands for farmhouse tables or large and full table decor 

•Sweetheart table

•Leis for key guests 

•Large statement pieces for bar and welcome table

•Bud vases for lounge and cocktail areas

•Hanging tent chandelier feature